For generations, the library has opened the door into worlds unknown and secrets waiting to be discovered. The need for this precious portal remains as deep as ever as we seek to light the path of knowledge and learning for current and future generations.

The Jeffersonville Township Public Library Foundation was born of a desire to ensure that your library remains a vibrant and relevant community resource for decades to come.

Founded in 2015, the Jeffersonville Township Public Library Foundation seeks to create opportunities for the Jeffersonville Township Public Library to become a cornerstone of life-long learning and early literacy in the Jeffersonville Township in Indiana.  It is the goal of the library for everyone in our community to feel welcome, while sparking creativity and sharing the joy of life-long learning.

Through advocacy and fund raising, the JTPL Foundation, Inc., enhances the library’s ability to realize its vision and mission. The goal of the foundation is to supplement regular taxpayer support for the library by:

  • Building an endowment to ensure the viability and sustainability of the library.

  • Seeking additional funds to support enhanced library operations and service offerings.

  • Managing investments for the present and future benefit of the library.

The JTPL Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Mr. David Seckman, Library Director

“I am very passionate about libraries and the role libraries can play to help transform communities through life-long learning and early literacy. I am most excited about how we can remove barriers to service, find ways to serve our entire community, and make sure everyone who walks through our doors feels welcome and leaves happier than when they arrived.”

Dr. Valerie McCarthy, Board President

“I received my Jeffersonville Township Public Library card in 1958, when the library was housed in Warder Park. I am now a retired nurse, business owner, and university professor. I joined the JTPL Foundation hoping to share the experience and expertise I’ve gained over the years.”

Ms. Kathy Kull, Vice President

“I started working at JTPL in the Children’s Department in 1977. After 10 years, I transitioned to open and manage a storefront library branch at Greentree Mall. In 1993, we moved to the new full-service Clarksville Branch building. I managed that facility until I retired in 2012. I think my years of knowledge of this system, and my love for this library, make me a perfect fit for the JTPL Foundation Board.”

Mr. Steven Cabezas, Secretary

“I focus on relationships and ensuring that businesses have what they need to be successful. I am an asset to the Foundation because of my many years of working with tourism partners, marketing, and connecting individuals to improve our quality of place for Southern Indiana and the Louisville area.”

Ms. Vickie Tencer, Treasurer

“I can’t remember when I started reading, but I do remember reading all the Nancy Drew mysteries. I remember reading those books and many other with a flashlight, when I was supposed to be in bed. I am a firm believer that all children and adults should be have access to books and enjoy them. I believe in giving back to the community and others. As an accountant, I hope my expertise will benefit the Foundation and the library.”

Mr. Mark Munzer, Board Member

“The library always brings back fond memories of my childhood. I recall going to the library with my mother and the excitement to bring home books every week or two. Now, I witness my grandson’s own excitement as we read his books from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library. Of course, the library is so much more than books today — with the Makerspace, children’s programs, computer labs, and Indiana Room just to name a few.”

Ms. Felicia Burks, Friends of the Library Liaison

“As the Friends of the Library Liaison, I serve as the go-between for the Library Foundation and the Friends of the Jeffersonville Township Public Library (JTPL) boards. I am an active patron of the library, and share my experiences to promote library events in an effort to be a strong advocate for the library through community partnerships and funding opportunities.”

Ms. Kathy Gilland, Board Member

“I love learning, reading, and this wonderful community. I moved to Jeffersonville when I was a teenager and am a proud Jeffersonville High School graduate. A strong believer in service to others, I believe that giving back to the community has the greatest impact on the course of our lives.”

Ms. Tracey L. Cobb, Board Member

“I remember going to the library as a young mother, checking out movies for the family to watch together. I reconnected with the library while attending college. It is my hope that by joining the JTPL Foundation, I can help introduce our libraries to a new generation.”

Mr. Perry Reisert, Board Member

“I grew up in Jeffersonville and have great memories of visiting the library and bringing home stacks of books. And when my kids were young, I made more great library memories with them. The library is a vitally important community asset and I want many more generations to benefit from it like we have.”

Mr. Dave Thomas, Board Member

“As a child, my favorite books were Goodnight Moon and The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E.
– an adorable narrative about two children living in a museum.” If only that museum, were a public library, I felt life would be perfect. Loving our museums, today I feel even stronger about access to our public libraries! Perhaps Andrew Carnegie said it best: ‘A library outranks any other one thing a
community can do to benefit its people. It is a never-failing spring in the desert.'”

For any inquires related to our Board of Directors, please email us: foundation@jefflibrary.org.

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